Google launched YouTube Gaming with video games

Google has launched YouTube Gaming. It is dedicated to the video games. What feature of the new items and how it works.
Google launched YouTube Gaming with video games
The service is similar in principle of operation to service Twitch. Users have acquired the right to broadcast live the passing game and to accompany it with my own comments. Viewers can watch what is happening and also to comment on everything I see.
In YouTube Gaming available a list of current broadcasts (streams). The service is also in YouTube Gaming and sorts them by name shows the product and type of rollers. This feature will help the player to easily see the most popular videos on any game.
The main difference between YouTube from rival Gaming Twitch is that he has a DVR Mode. Option allows you to save in a buffer of the last four hours of the broadcast. This will allow the viewer to quickly browse videos. The server will have a companion app for iOS and Android. This will provide an opportunity everywhere to watch, what are the streams going at the moment.
Google launched YouTube Gaming with video games
Competing service Twitch was bought by Amazon in 2014 for $ 970 million. Service monthly audience of more than 100 million people. Often it is used as a venue for informal presentations of products. On the Microsoft channel in Twitch showed not yet released at the time version multiplayer tank action World of Tanks for Xbox 360.


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