Published data on sales of Gran Turismo 6

In the media appeared information that were published sales data car simulator Gran Turismo 6. This information became public because of litigation companies Sony and VIRAG.
Published data on sales of Gran Turismo 6
Italian company VIRAG, which produces floors, has filed a lawsuit against Sony for that, in the fifth part of the game was wrongfully used the logo of the company, which was located on one of the bridges of the track of Monza. At the moment, Sony have implemented 10,89 million copies of the game worldwide.
In addition, Gran Turismo 6 was again used logo VIRAG and this time, the circulation amounted to 2.37 million copies. These figures appeared in the litigation, but was pending further investigation. It turned out that the company VIRAG already been announced, just last year, and during the trial with SCEA. In all likelihood, these figures are inaccurate and outdated.

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